Arkansas Memories Project

The mission of the Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History is to document Arkansas’ rich history by collecting the “living memories” of those who have been witness to various aspects of the state’s past. Using traditional oral history methodology, the center interviews individuals, transcribes those interviews, and maintains those collections for future generations.

The center is responsible for preserving these memories and making them available to scholars and researchers interested in the culture and heritage of Arkansas.


Arkansas Memories Project Interviews

Interviewee Interviewer Date
A Adcox, IlaScott Lunsford 03/18/2008
Alley, GeraldScott Lunsford 03/08/2006
Arnold, MorrisScott Lunsford 08/05/2009
B Beebe, GingerScott Lunsford 03/17/2008
Beebe, MikeScott Lunsford 02/12/2008
Beebe, MikeScott Lunsford 03/17/2008
Billingsley, GeorgeJeannie Whayne 01/10/2002
Blair, Diane Divers Roy Reed 05/04/2000
Blair, JimScott Lunsford 10/28/2008
Blair, JimScott Lunsford 10/29/2008
Brandon, Phyllis D. Scott Lunsford ---
Brown, Justice Robert L. Tom Dillard ---
Broyles, J. Frank Scott Lunsford 12/08/2007
Broyles, J. Frank Scott Lunsford 12/17/2007
Bumpers, BettyScott Lunsford 03/10/2010
Bumpers, DaleArchie Schaffer 03/08/2010
Bumpers, DaleErnie Dumas 03/09/2010
Burks, Edwin Leo Jr.Scott Lunsford 07/20/2011
C Clark, MargaretScott Lunsford 03/10/2006
D Dumas, ErnestScott Lunsford 06/04/2009
E Elders, JoycelynScott Lunsford 02/14/2008
F Faubus, AltaRebecca Kastelberg 07/19/2000
Ferguson, LizzieScott Lunsford 10/01/2009
Ferguson, Randall Jr.Scott Lunsford 03/28/2006
Ferguson, Randall Sr.Scott Lunsford 09/30/2009
Ferritor, Daniel E. Scott Lunsford 08/22/2008
Freeman, EdmondScott Lunsford 06/02/2009
Freeman, JuneScott Lunsford 06/03/2009
G Gillam, Dorothy C. Scott Lunsford 08/03/2011
Gist, Morse U. Scott Lunsford 10/25/2012
Gist, Morse U. Scott Lunsford 10/26/2012
H Haines, HankScott Lunsford 08/01/2009
Haley, GeorgeScott Lunsford 03/16/2006
Hammerschmidt, John Paul Scott Lunsford 03/30/2009
Harris, E. Lynn Jane Gearhart 04/10/2006
Hawkins, DaleBob Cochran 01/16/2008
Hussman, Walter E. Jr.Scott Lunsford 12/13/2011
Hussman, Walter E. Jr.Scott Lunsford 12/13/2011
Hussman, Walter E. Jr.Scott Lunsford 01/18/2012
J Johnson, J. Chester Scott Lunsford 10/28/2010
Johnson, J. Chester Scott Lunsford 10/28/2010
Johnson, J. Chester Scott Lunsford 11/03/2011
Johnson, J. Chester Scott Lunsford 11/04/2011
Jones, BobbyScott Lunsford 04/05/2006
Jones, Edith Irby Scott Lunsford 04/03/2006
Jones, Jerry Scott Lunsford 01/12/2010
K Kearney, JanisScott Lunsford 02/27/2006
L Laman, William F. Roy Reed 06/14/2001
Lamb, BobTom Dillard 05/29/2007
Lambert, David P. Scott Lunsford 06/21/2012
Lee , Delbert Scott Lunsford 10/25/2011
Lindsey, Jim Scott Lunsford 12/02/2009
M Massanelli, TimScott Lunsford 09/29/2009
Maulden, JerryScott Lunsford 08/15/2007
May, J. Thomas Scott Lunsford 03/02/2007
McClellan, JuanitaScott Lunsford ---
McWilliams, FrankScott Lunsford 11/14/2007
Monroe, Archie Jr.Scott Lunsford 10/10/2008
Morgan, GordonScott Lunsford 02/15/2006
Morgan, GordonScott Lunsford 02/15/2006
Morgan, GordonScott Lunsford 04/28/2006
P Parks, Peggy Scott Lunsford 04/10/2012
Parks, Peggy Scott Lunsford 04/11/2012
Payne, SonnyScott Lunsford 07/19/2011
R Ragsdale, John G. Jeannie Whayne 10/13/2003
Reed, HerbertRoy Reed 11/15/1999
Reed, Stanley E. Scott Lunsford 12/08/2009
Rogers, Doyle Scott Lunsford 09/25/2008
S Scarlett, C. J. Peggy Lloyd 06/10/2000
Scharlau, CharlesScott Lunsford 01/10/2008
Scott, ClydeScott Lunsford 03/11/2010
Scott, ClydeBud Whetstone 03/12/2010
Shelby, Beatrice Clark Scott Lunsford 07/21/2011
Slater, RodneyScott Lunsford 03/15/2006
Solomon, David Jr.Scott Lunsford 10/23/2012
Steele, Martin R. Scott Lunsford 11/13/2009
Steele, Martin R. Scott Lunsford 02/25/2010
Steele, Martin R. Scott Lunsford 02/26/2010
Stevens, Dorothy Mayo Tom Dillard 05/17/2006
Strack, MonicaMichael Pierce 07/02/2002
Sugg, B. Alan Scott Lunsford 02/13/2008
Sugg, JeanScott Lunsford 02/13/2008
Sullivan, Berbon "Bubba" Scott Lunsford 10/24/2012
T Takei, GeorgeScott Lunsford 10/18/2014
Thomas, FloydRoy Reed 03/03/2006
Thomas, FloydTom Dillard 05/17/2006
Thornton, Ray Jr.Scott Lunsford 09/20/2011
Timmons, SethRoy Reed 02/24/2000
W Warbritton, CharlesPeggy Lloyd 06/05/2000
Ward, Harry P. Scott Lunsford 01/15/2008
Williams, LeeScott Lunsford 06/20/2012
Williams, LeeScott Lunsford 09/14/2012
Wilson, Charles Banks George Sabo 07/20/2004
Witte, AlScott Lunsford 02/07/2008
Witte, AlPeggy Williams 04/04/2008
Y Yoe, Mary Lucile Lewis David Edwards 06/05/2001