Diane D. Blair Project

In Fall 1992, Political Science Professor Diane D. Blair set out to document the successful Clinton/Gore presidential campaign. After receiving permission from Governor Bill Clinton, Blair, who was active in the campaign, conducted 127 interviews of 126 campaign officials, staff, and volunteers. A total of 64 interviewees agreed to donate exhibition rights to the University of Arkansas.  The David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History processed and digitized this series of interviews, which are part of the Diane D. Blair Papers at the University of Arkansas Libraries in Fayetteville.


Diane D. Blair Project Interviews

Interviewee Interviewer Date
A Atkinson, Richard B. Diane Blair 01/09/1993
Aultz, AndrewDiane Blair 12/02/1992
B Begala, PaulDiane Blair 02/02/1993
Berman, EricDiane Blair 10/26/1992
Boorstin, Robert O. Diane Blair 11/19/1992
Burton, WilliamDiane Blair 02/04/1993
C Cabe, GloriaDiane Blair 04/22/1993
Caputo, Lisa M. Diane Blair 12/10/1992
Carville, JamesDiane Blair 02/04/1993
Cohen, Steven A. Diane Blair 12/10/1992
D Dagher, Peter Alexander Diane Blair 12/11/1992
Davidson, Nestor M. Diane Blair 11/01/1992
E Echaveste, MariaDiane Blair 12/28/1992
Eller, JeffDiane Blair 11/03/1992
F French, Mary Mel Diane Blair 02/19/1993
From, AlDiane Blair 11/18/1992
Frucher, Kathryn F. Diane Blair 11/03/1992
G Gauldin, Michael G. Diane Blair 10/19/1992
Gawande, AtulDiane Blair 11/01/1992
Gorman, Matthew A. Diane Blair 10/22/1992
Green, JudyDiane Blair 10/28/1992
Greenberg, Stanley Bernard Diane Blair 12/10/1992
Greer, Franklin Owen Diane Blair 12/28/1992
Grunwald, MandyDiane Blair 12/20/1992
H Haley, Maria Luisa M. Diane Blair 02/19/1993
Hernreich, NancyDiane Blair 11/20/1992
Heyl, DouglasDiane Blair 10/26/1992
Hudnall, Sandra Lee Diane Blair 12/11/1992
K Kantor, MichaelDiane Blair 12/03/1992
Kusnet, DavidDiane Blair 11/01/1992
L Lake, Celinda C. Diane Blair 11/04/1992
Leavy, David C. Diane Blair 11/18/1992
Leopoulos, Paul David Diane Blair 12/10/1992
Lozano, M. J. Diane Blair 10/26/1992
Lux, MichaelDiane Blair 11/02/1992
M Mathews, Sylvia M. Diane Blair 11/01/1992
McCoy, AnnDiane Blair 12/02/1992
McFadden, Nancy E. Diane Blair 10/21/1992
Middleton, Mark Edward Diane Blair 12/02/1992
Monahan, John T. Diane Blair 11/05/1992
P Pryor, DavidDiane Blair 04/27/1993
R Rabinowitz, Steven M. Diane Blair 12/02/1992
Reed, Bruce N. Diane Blair 11/18/1992
Rutherford, JamesDiane Blair 11/01/1992
Rutherford, James L. Diane Blair 11/03/1992
S Salmon, Mary Anne Diane Blair 12/02/1992
Samaha, AdamDiane Blair 11/03/1992
Seidman, RickiDiane Blair 11/01/1992
Shackelford, Lottie Lee Diane Blair 12/02/1992
Simon, Stephen F. Diane Blair 11/10/1993
Smith, Craig T. Diane Blair 10/22/1992
Smith, Matthew D. Diane Blair 10/21/1992
Solien, Stephanie M. Diane Blair 11/01/1992
Solis, PattiDiane Blair 11/19/1992
Steitz, Mark E. Diane Blair 10/31/1992
Stephanopoulos, George Robert Diane Blair 12/11/1992
Strauss, Richard L. Diane Blair 12/03/1992
Sullivan, Paul Diane Blair 10/22/1992
T Thomases, Susan P. Diane Blair 10/31/1992
Tucher, Andrea J. Diane Blair 10/27/1992
W Waldman, MichaelDiane Blair 10/27/1992
Wilcox, Caren A. Diane Blair 10/30/1992
Wilhelm, DavidDiane Blair 12/12/1992
Wilhelm, Degee D. Diane Blair 11/20/1992
Z Zisook, AmyDiane Blair 11/05/1992