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Interviewee Interviewer Project Date
T Takei, GeorgeScott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 10/18/2014
Tanner, LindaBernadette Freigy Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 04/04/2012
Tardy, RandyGarry Hoffmann Arkansas Democrat Project 02/11/2006
Tatom, FlorisMichael Pierce William Jefferson Clinton History Project 08/16/2002
Taylor, BillMeredith Oakley Arkansas Democrat Project 04/26/2006
Taylor, Mary Dee Jackye Finch Arkansas Democrat Project 06/28/2005
Terrell, DavidErnie Dumas Arkansas Gazette Project 06/18/2003
Terrell, DavidPamela Terrell Arkansas Democrat Project 03/24/2007
Terrell, PamelaJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 03/28/2007
Terry, BillJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 05/31/2007
Tester, M. L. Michael Lindsey Arkansas State Police 09/25/2003
Tester, Opal Arbella Watson Katherine Bensuk Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 12/08/2011
Thomas, FloydRoy Reed Arkansas Memories Project 03/03/2006
Thomas, FloydTom Dillard Arkansas Memories Project 05/17/2006
Thomas, Robert Ike Arlin Fields Arkansas Democrat Project 06/17/2006
Thomases, Susan P. Diane Blair Diane D. Blair Project 10/31/1992
Thomason, HarryScott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 10/17/2014
Thompson, BeaAshley Terry Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 02/10/2012
Thompson, JoannBetty J. Davis Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 10/12/2011
Thompson, TeriJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 01/22/2007
Thorn, PaulDon Wilcock King Biscuit Blues Festival 10/09/2015
Thornton, Ray Jr.Scott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 09/20/2011
Thrash, LarryMichael Pierce William Jefferson Clinton History Project 03/21/2002
Timmons, SethRoy Reed Arkansas Memories Project 02/24/2000
Tirey, BrendaErnie Dumas Arkansas Gazette Project 03/25/2001
Tirey, BrendaMara Leveritt Arkansas Democrat Project 05/05/2005
Tollett, Leland Edward Scott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 12/02/2010
Trimble, MikeErnie Dumas Arkansas Gazette Project 10/14/2000
Trotter, Helen P. Jeraldine E. Brown Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 12/14/2011
Tucher, Andrea J. Diane Blair Diane D. Blair Project 10/27/1992
Tucker, Jim Guy Scott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 08/29/2012
Turner, MacDowell and Mary NellMichael Pierce William Jefferson Clinton History Project 08/15/2002
Tyson, VanBob McCord Arkansas Democrat Project 04/19/2006

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