Juanita T. McClellan was born in Marshall, Searcy County, Arkansas on December 7, 1922.

While working for the Farm Service Co-op in Fayetteville, she met her husband, Charles Getty McClellan. After getting married, McClellan bought a store in Lincoln, where she sold and repaired shoes. She worked for numerous businesses, including the Washington County Assessor's office and the Fayetteville Lumber Yard. For several years McClellan worked for the Farm Bureau, where she interacted with farmers from all over the area. She also prepared paperwork for Dr. John Baggett's medical practice when Medicare was first introduced. McClellan later joined Dr. Johnny Adkins's medical practice, spending ten years with him in Prairie Grove and thirteen years in Fayetteville. She also raised cattle on her 129-acre farm in Cane Hill, the town where her husband's family lived.

As a result of her community involvement and work experience, McClellan possessed an impressive knowledge of Cane Hill's Civil War history as well as general Northwest Arkansas history.

McClellan passed away on July 15, 2019.

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