First Person Plural: An Oral History of Arkansas Women

First Person Plural: An Oral History of Arkansas Women focuses on the life stories of 20th-century women and how these portraits collectively show the range of ordinary women’s activities in a time of great change that saw the civil rights movement, new roles for women, and access to new technologies. The women interviewed for the project discuss growing up, education, courtship, family life, working life, philanthropy, and community service. Through their voices, we explore diverse issues and dilemmas, especially efforts to welcome new opportunities while maintaining traditions.


Over the past several years, the project team has conducted interviews with women across the state. A sampling includes artist and philanthropist Robyn Horn, community volunteer Catherine West of Marianna, Shirley McFarlin of the Arkansas League of Women Voters, educator Dr. Diana Gonzales Worthen of Fayetteville, Viola Callahan Meadows of the Clover Bend restoration project, and retired foundation executive Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton of Little Rock. To read excerpts from the interviews, an overview of the free First Person Plural traveling exhibit (available through the Center for Arkansas History and Culture, University of Arkansas at Little Rock), and a map showing where we've been, visit the project website Additional interviews are being processed and will be posted to the website.


It is a pleasure and a privilege to be documenting the diversity and complexity of Arkansas women’s lives and to be placing this information in publicly accessible formats where all may make use of it. Thanks go to

Our narrators, who so graciously share their reflections with us and the state at large.

Our advisory committee: Dr. Deborah Baldwin, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Dr. Sarah Beth Estes, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Dr. Sondra Gordy (retired, University of Central Arkansas); Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton (retired, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation); Dr. Janine Parry, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville; Lynnette Watts, retired, Women’s Foundation of Arkansas; and Dr. Diana Gonzales Worthen, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.

Other valued collaborators: writer and historian Grif Stockley, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Maricella Garcia of Catholic Charities, all of whom helped launch the project; as well as Yihan Wang and Thomas Clifton; UALR Art Department; photographers Rita Henry, Cynthia Adams, and Brandon Markin; editor Ali Welky; and designer H. K. Stewart.

Project team: director Jo Blatti; research associates Acadia Roher, Cody Besset, Marisa Nelson; and interns Cindy McCaskill, UALR, and Morgan Rogers, UCA.

Archival partners: the Center for Arkansas History and Culture at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

The Bridge Fund Endowment of the Arkansas Community Foundation, the Arkansas Humanities Council, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Esse Purse Museum, and the Rebasmen Fund, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas, and the Social Justice Advocacy Committee of Second Presbyterian Church (Little Rock) for project support.

Our sponsoring organization, Just Communities of Arkansas.

Interviewee Interviewer Date
B Bell, RuthJo Blatti 01/16/2015
C Cayce, JoannieJo Blatti 10/07/2015
Chavarria, LupitaJo Blatti 01/31/2012
D Davis, AnitaJo Blatti 06/28/2018
Devone, BernadetteJo Blatti 09/16/2015
Dillard, MaryJo Blatti 07/19/2014
Dillard, MaryJo Blatti 09/30/2014
Doyle, Lee LeeJo Blatti 01/30/2012
E Edwards, SandraJo Blatti 03/18/2021
Edwards, SandraJo Blatti 04/07/2021
Elston, JoJo Blatti 02/11/2012
Evans, AudreyJo Blatti 05/27/2021
F Freeman, JuneCindy S. McCaskill 05/09/2014
H Haller, NancyJo Blatti 08/10/2015
Hampton, SybilJo Blatti 02/03/2012
Hampton, SybilJo Blatti 03/20/2012
Harsh, MaryJo Blatti 07/10/2015
Hawkins, RuthJo Blatti 01/28/2016
Holmes, SammieAcadia Roher 04/08/2021
Horn, RobynJo Blatti 09/08/2014
Hubbard, SandraJo Blatti 09/20/2021
Hubbard, SandraJo Blatti 10/05/2021
L Lacey, MarianJo Blatti 02/17/2016
Leeds, StacyJo Blatti 02/28/2019
Lile, PatriciaJo Blatti 01/06/2016
M McFarlin, ShirleyJo Blatti 12/29/2014
McHenry, CoraJo Blatti 02/18/2016
Meadows, ViolaJo Blatti 04/11/2015
Morrow, BeverlyJo Blatti 10/27/2021
Morrow, BeverlyJo Blatti 12/09/2021
O Owyoung, MableJo Blatti 03/14/2018
P Pang, ElisaJo Blatti 05/05/2018
Pang, ElisaJo Blatti 09/20/2018
S Schexnayder, CharlotteJo Blatti 03/08/2012
Shipley, MaryJo Blatti 12/04/2020
Shipley, MaryJo Blatti 12/05/2020
Shipley, MaryJo Blatti 12/18/2020
Sloan, Katherine "Kitty"Jo Blatti 03/10/2016
Snow, NanMorgan Rogers 04/25/2014
Solorzano, MargaritaJo Blatti 09/14/2015
Steuri, GraceCindy S. McCaskill 05/15/2014
T Tompkins, EthelJo Blatti 04/07/2016
Tonymon, SusieCody Besett 02/17/2019
Troillett, DeborahAcadia Roher 09/18/2020
Troillett, DeborahAcadia Roher 09/22/2020
Tuck, AnnabelleJo Blatti 01/27/2016
W Webb, KathyJo Blatti 06/29/2018
West, CatherineJo Blatti 07/06/2015
West-Scantlebury, ShereceMorgan Rogers 04/23/2014
West-Scantlebury, ShereceMarisa Nelson 10/09/2014
Willet, ElaineMarisa Nelson 11/15/2015
Willet, ElaineMarisa Nelson 12/06/2015
Williams, MaryAcadia Roher 06/04/2020
Williams, MaryAcadia Roher 06/04/2020
Wilson, CarrieMarisa Nelson 11/20/2018
Worthen, DianaJo Blatti 08/08/2015
Y Yee, MaryJo Blatti 03/10/2018
Youngdahl, PatMarisa Nelson 03/14/2015

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