Michael Sierra-Arévalo - Peril on Patrol: Death, Danger, and US Policing

Michael Sierra-Arévalo, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, presented "Peril on Patrol: Death, Danger, and U.S. Policing" at 6 p.m. Wednesday, November 4, at the David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. This presentation was part of the Pryor Center Presents 2020-21 lecture series.

Sierra-Arévalo's research employs quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate police culture, behavior, and legitimacy. Drawing on ethnographic field work and interviews with police officers in three U.S. police departments, this lecture shows how policing's cultural preoccupation with danger and death shapes police training, practice, and policy.

Sierra-Arévalo received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale University and his B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

His first book, Peril on Patrol: Danger, Death, and U.S. Policing, is under advance contract at Columbia University Press. Sierra-Arévalo's writing and research have appeared in the Washington Post, Times Higher Education, NPR, Vox, GQ, the New Republic, ProPublica, and HuffPost.

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