Emon Armstrong Mahony Jr. was born in El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas, on May 5, 1941.

Mahony received a B.A. in English and a J.D . from Tulane University and earned a Master of Laws at Stanford University.

Mahony returned to Arkansas to practice law before going to Washington, DC , as senior a ide for Se nator John McClellan in 1968. Mahony then became chairman of Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp oration from 1977 to 1996 . In 1978 Governor David Pryor appointed Mahony to the Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission , where he served for seven years . In 2007 he was named trustee of the Arkansas Nature Conservancy . In 2009 Governor Mike Beebe appointed Mahony to the Arkans as Game and Fish Commission , where he served until 2016 . He h as served as president of Mahon y Corporation since 1996.

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