Parker Westbrook

Parker Lucas Westbrook was born January 4, 1926, in Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas.

Westbrook graduated from Chillicothe Business College in Missouri . He became a court reporter for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Arkansas at eighteen before returning to Chillicothe Business College to teach .

Westbrook joined Boyd Tackett’s 1948 congressional campaign and ultimately s erved i n the administration of four Arkansas politicians , including Senator J. William Fulbrig ht and Governor David Pryor . Active in historic preservation, he has served on the Pioneer Washington Restoration Foundation, the Historic Arkansas Museum Board of Directors, the President’s Council for Histor ic Preservation , and many others . Westbrook championed legislation for the official spelling of “Arkansas’s , ” earning him the nickname “Mr. Apostrophe.”

Westbrook passed away on November 19, 2015.

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