Marth a Jr. Caudill Conley was born July 15, 1954, in Memphis, Tennessee, and lived in Milligan Ridge, Mississippi County, Arkansas.

After her marriage to Hershel Conley , she attended Arkansas State College in Jonesboro and majored in speech . The Conley s helped operate the Caudill Brothers Gin in Milligan Ridge . They later moved to Cherokee Village and bought the Ford dealership in Hardy , during which time Martha opened a women's fitness center. In 2006 the Conleys moved to Mountain H ome , where Hershel later became the pastor at Bridge Baptist Church.

Martha is the mother of Garrard Conley , author of Boy Erased: A Memoi r . She is an advocate for acceptance of LGB TQ people . Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe portrayed Martha and Hershel in the 2018 movie Boy Erased .

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