David P. Lambert

David Patterson Lambert was born in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, on December 22, 1939.

Lambert earned a B .S.B. A . from the University of Arkansas and a J.D. from George Washington Univer sity Law School .

Lambert began working for Senator John McClellan in 1962 and then served as legislative assistant to Senator J. William Fulbright . He went on to work on the New York Stock Exchange for twenty-one years where he helped negotiate a historic meeting with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping during the US-China Symposium on Financial Markets . In 1999 President Bill Clinton appointed Lambert as a Foreign Agricultural Service c ounselor to the US Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome. He formed Lambert Associates in Washington, DC, a firm specializing in nutrition issues.

Lambert made significant contributions to public service , including serving as a delegate to the UN’s C odex Alimentarius Commission and as Distinguished Fellow for Iowa State University’s Seed Science Center.

Lambert passed away on October 16 , 2015.

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