Samantha Fish was only twenty-seven when she played the King Biscuit Blues Festival in 2015, but this blues singer already understood what it takes some vet erans a lifetime to figure out. "The only kind of relatable blues is stuff that really comes from your heart, so you can't copy it. It's impossible . . . . the catch-22 of blues music is that I'v e had kids come up to me, too. They're like, 'I wan na play blues and be successful. " Fish tells them, "Listen to everything, but don't try to sound like those guys . . . . I'm young. I still pull things from people that I really like."

Fish grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, listening to rock-and-roll and count ry music. She loves all of it. She says writing music is a habit, like working out—the more sh e does it, the easier it comes. Fish's fourth album, Chills & Fever , is a collection of cover songs as much about Jackie DeShannon as it is Allen Toussaint.

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