Reba Russell   is a perennial favorite at the Ki ng Biscuit Blues Festival. H er song " Heaven Came to Helena " is the unofficial theme song of Arkansas ' s annual celebration of its blues heritage: 

I saw people dancing in the mud R ejoicing in the holy flood . I saw Sonny Boy's spirit on Frank's face W hen the waters long prayed for covered the place H ealing the earth and healing our souls . W ell, the sky opened up , but the music kept flowin ' .

About Helena, Arkansas, Russell says, " I don' t even know how to describe it, but this place is where all this music is born and kept going by people like Bubba Sullivan and appreciated in spite of go od times or bad times. And that' s kinda what my song is about. "

Russell's soulful vocals and wrenching delivery have made her a fixture on Beale Street, where her credits include background vocals for U2 at Sun Studio. As a young singer, she was baptized by Rufus Thomas, who told her,  " I think you have something special, and I hope you'll keep doing it and don't give up. "

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