Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council

Originally known as the Home Demonstration Clubs, the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council (AEHC) was established in 1912. These groups traveled throughout the state to educate Arkansans about growing, cooking, and preserving food. AEHC has since broadened its activities to teach families and communities about a wide range of issues, including gerontology, personal finance, and voter education. To commemorate "100 years of EHC," members in each county have recorded, transcribed, and edited interviews with current or past Extension Homemakers members and personnel. AEHC has donated this collection of interviews to the David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History.

Interviewee Interviewer Date
A Ashcraft, EdithJudy Cox 08/21/2011
Ashford, MevaleneCathryn Lundy 03/07/2012
Askew, MaryTerry Edwards 02/07/2012
B Bates, VirginiaJanet Voshell 10/05/2011
Bell, JaniceAlves Bonner 12/16/2011
Boyd, JessieCynthia J. Pace 12/07/2011
C Carter, DorrisBernadette Freigy 04/04/2012
Center, EllenSusan Young 01/31/2012
Crawley, JewelKatie Rieff 03/09/2012
F Farnam, TammyErika Thomas 03/30/2012
Floyd, ImodeanJeralene Love 11/22/2011
French, EdnaBeverly Reeves 10/24/2011
G Garner, RowenaGrace Ryan Calva 04/11/2012
Goins, MarjorieMary Sheri Patton 11/07/2011
Green, JoyceBarbara Summers 11/30/2011
H Handley, MaryCathryn Lundy 03/07/2012
Harris, RubySusan Brittain 11/07/2011
Hill, WandaAshley Terry 02/10/2012
Hoskins, WilmaLinda Brooks 02/27/2012
Housley, NoraPatricia T. Munson 12/08/2011
J James, ImogeneLinda Brooks 02/27/2012
Johnston, BettyLinda Brooks 02/27/2012
Johnston, LorettaJanie Woods 08/12/2011
K Koone, MarjorieFrances d'Orsay 12/07/2011
L Leelman, DorothyTerry Edwards 02/07/2012
Lockhart, ThelmaKatie Rieff 03/09/2012
M Marks, DorothyLiz McKay 01/24/2012
Miller, BeulahJeralene Love 11/22/2011
Miller, EdytheSusan Young 01/26/2012
Murray, JuliaLiz McKay 01/20/2012
N Nutt, JuanitaErika Thomas 03/30/2012
O Owens, FrancesLiz McKay 01/20/2012
P Pearson, WandaBetty J. Davis 10/11/2011
Perry, WilladeanBarbara Summers 11/30/2011
Petty, ConnieJeanette Deaton 10/04/2011
R Rooney, HelenJeraldine E. Brown 12/14/2011
S Sams, GladysAshley Terry 02/10/2012
Shrout, KayeDarlene Holliday 10/04/2011
Skelton, KathrynSusan Young 01/24/2012
Smith, DorisSusan Sanders 02/24/2012
Spanhanks, JoBarbara Denny 10/04/2011
Stivers, BettyLinda Chappell 10/19/2011
Stucker, KathrynJohnette Johnson 10/12/2011
Swilley, FrancilleLiz McKay 01/20/2012
T Tanner, LindaBernadette Freigy 04/04/2012
Tester, OpalKatherine Bensuk 12/08/2011
Thompson, BeaAshley Terry 02/10/2012
Thompson, JoannBetty J. Davis 10/12/2011
Trotter, HelenJeraldine E. Brown 12/14/2011
V Vaughan, PatriciaSusan Sanders 02/24/2012
Vick, BrendaFreda L. Parker 11/04/2011
W Watson, RuthCynthia J. Pace 12/08/2011
Wayman, HazelJanie Woods 08/09/2011
Williams, CarolynDorothy Penix 11/22/2011
Williams, DorothyMargaret Kinley 12/16/2011
Wilson, PatriciaLiz McKay 01/20/2012
Wingfield, LillyPaula Resch 11/03/2011
Wolf, HelenHilda Turner 04/05/2012
Womble, MartielDorothy Penix 11/22/2011

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