Arkansas Gazette Project

The Arkansas Gazette Project began in January 2000 to collect and preserve the history of the "oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi," which ended its operations in 1991. These interviews preserve the publication's legacy as Arkansas's "newspaper of record." Hugh B. Patterson Jr., Ralph B. Patterson, and Carrick H. Patterson have provided generous financial support for this endeavor.

Roy Reed, a respected journalist and professor, directed this project. Along with other journalists, he conducted interviews with former Gazette employees. Reed began his career as a reporter for the Gazette, where he covered the desegregation crisis in Little Rock. He later covered the civil rights movement and the White House for the New York Times. He also taught journalism at the University of Arkansas for sixteen years. Reed published Looking Back at the Arkansas Gazette: An Oral History in 2009.

Interviewee Interviewer Date
A Allbright, CharlesMichael Haddigan 03/30/2000
Allen, NateBob Douglas 10/20/2000
Allen, RichardRoy Reed 11/12/2000
Allin, RichardJerol Garrison 05/10/2000
Ashmore, HarryRoy Reed 06/20/1992
B Bailey, JimJerry McConnell 03/31/2000
Barden, JimDrummond Ayres 02/14/2001
Bell, BillJim Barden 08/30/2001
Best, EddieJerol Garrison 01/10/2001
Best, PatJerol Garrison 01/10/2001
Bolick, WayneJerol Garrison 05/19/2000
Brantley, MaxErnie Dumas 02/25/2000
Brummett, JohnErnie Dumas 06/25/2000
C Carpenter, LizMaria Henson 01/11/2002
Clark, T.Anne Farris 09/19/2000
Coger, FredJerol Garrison 03/06/2000
Cooper, HarveyJim Barden 03/14/2001
Crow, PatJim Barden 04/03/2001
D Danforth, KenAnne Farris 05/24/2000
Davis, TomRoy Reed 08/07/2000
Dhonau, JerryErnie Dumas 03/03/2000
Donald, LeroyJohn Thompson 03/09/2000
Douglas, BobRoy Reed 02/06/1997
Douglas, BobRoy Reed 02/14/1997
Douglas, BobRoy Reed 02/14/1997
Douglas, BobRoy Reed 06/08/2000
Douglas, MarthaRoy Reed 03/02/2000
Drury, GeraldJulia Jones 07/20/2003
Dumas, ErnestRoy Reed 02/17/2000
Dumas, ErnestRoy Reed 05/10/2000
Dumas, ErnestRoy Reed 10/24/2000
Dumas, ErnestRoy Reed 10/19/2001
Duncan, DeanRoy Reed 09/07/2000
Dungan, RodneyDorothy Stuck 11/13/2000
DuVall, Leland and LettyErnie Dumas 05/11/2000
F Farrar, RonaldDawn Hinshaw 09/29/2000
Farris, AnneDon Troop 06/22/2000
Fisher, GeorgeErnie Dumas 08/05/2000
Foreman, GeneGerald Jordan 08/04/2000
G Garrison, JerolRoy Reed 02/09/2000
Griffee, CarolMichael Haddigan 10/14/2001
H Hamburger, ThomasAnne Farris 09/18/2000
Hamburger, ThomasAnne Farris 01/10/2001
Hanchette, JohnAnne Farris 01/29/2001
Harrison, SeanScott Morris 05/22/2002
Heinbockel, CharlesMichael Haddigan 03/12/2000
Henry, OrvilleJim Bailey 02/12/2001
Henson, MariaDenise Beeber 07/02/2001
Holmes, MartinScott Morris 09/27/2002
J Johnson, PaulJerol Garrison 11/29/2000
Jones, JuliaGerald Drury 07/20/2003
Jordan, WayneErnie Dumas 11/18/2000
K Karnatz, LaurieScott Morris 07/02/2002
Keesee, SteveMichael Haddigan 02/02/2001
King, HarryJerry McConnell 06/08/2001
L Lancaster, BobBob McCord 05/05/2000
Lewis, BillRoy Reed 09/05/2000
M McConnell, JerryRoy Reed 08/22/2000
McCord, RobertJerry McConnell 10/20/2000
Meriwether, JackErnie Dumas 11/28/2000
Moore, WadieMichael Haddigan 12/06/2000
Morris, ScottRoy Reed 03/02/2001
Mosby, JoeJerol Garrison 02/28/2000
Moseley, RayRoy Reed 11/04/2000
N Neuharth, AlAnne Farris 05/25/2000
Nielsen, PaulJim Barden 02/21/2001
O Oswald, MarkErnie Dumas 09/20/2001
Owens, PatrickBen Long 02/23/2001
P Parker, KenBob McCord 04/01/2002
Patterson, CarrickRoy Reed 03/20/2000
Patterson, HughRoy Reed 02/17/2000
Patterson, HughRoy Reed 03/16/2000
Patterson, HughRoy Reed 03/21/2000
Patterson, PatJerol Garrison 06/01/2001
Peacock, LeslieMel White 06/06/2005
Pine, LindaJerol Garrison 02/29/2000
Portis, CharlesRoy Reed 05/31/2001
Portis, RichardRoy Reed 09/06/2000
Powell, JamesErnie Dumas 02/03/2000
Prescott, GeneBob McCord 07/06/2000
R Reed, JohnJerol Garrison 08/27/2004
Reed, LeonRoy Reed 01/14/2001
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 03/15/2000
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 05/05/2000
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 05/31/2000
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 07/07/2000
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 09/06/2000
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 11/29/2000
Reed, RoyHarri Baker 03/09/2001
Rixse, CharlesJerry McConnell 10/08/2000
Ross, MargaretRoy Reed 02/07/2000
Rouby, JasonJerry McConnell 12/22/2000
S Shelton, BillErnie Dumas 02/23/2000
Shepherd, AubreyRoy Reed 10/15/2000
Simmons, BillJerol Garrison 01/04/2001
Smith, DougMichael Haddigan 03/24/2000
Speed, JulieJerol Garrison 03/01/2000
Stephens, DonnaJerol Garrison 03/10/2000
Stern, MortRoy Reed 09/25/2000
Stroud, ScottDawn Hinshaw 02/28/2001
T Terrell, DavidErnie Dumas 06/18/2003
Tirey, BrendaErnie Dumas 03/25/2001
W Walker, TommyJerol Garrison 01/09/2002
Wells, GeorgeErnie Dumas 12/01/2001
White, RayJerol Garrison 05/10/2000
Whitworth, WilliamBob McCord 02/02/2001
Williamson, GastonRoy Reed 10/25/2000
Wood, FarrisErnie Dumas 04/12/2001
Woodruff, DianneJerol Garrison 11/20/2000
Woodruff, JohnJerol Garrison 10/27/2000
Workman, JohnDonna Lampkin Stephens 04/06/2001

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