Opera in the Ozarks

Arkansas Story Vault students undertook an oral history project documenting Opera in the Ozarks, an opera training company located near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This little-known gem of the Ozarks is a renowned destination for aspiring opera singers and has produced many top performers. The Arkansas Story Vault team took two trips to Opera in the Ozarks to conduct oral history interviews with faculty and students. The team then edited these interviews together to produce a documentary short about the history, significance, and aspirations of the organization.


Student Producers:

Aidan McGinn

Hanna Ellington

Sarah Behrend-Wilcox

Darby Rush


Dr. Immanuel T. Abraham

Thomas Cockrell

Carole Langley

Nancy J. Preis

Rebecca Sherburn

James H. Swiggart

David Ward


Opera in the Ozarks

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