Date range: 1966/1970

Running time: 00:56:14
Film stock: 16mm - Film
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 24fps
Anamorphic: No
Sound field: Mono - Embedded

Transfer comments: B-Wind; Color Reversal; B+W Reversal; Composite Magnetic Soundtrack; Acetate Base; 24 FPS; Existing Splices; Opening Splices; Ferrotyping; Perforation Damage; Moisture Damage; Tramlines; Ektachrome stock with 1970 Kodak date code; Dupont stock with 1965 date code; RF tabs removed; Areas of blocking; Areas of tape residue unable to remove; Sections were held together with masking tape; Hairs in camera gate; Built-in dirt on camera lens;

Originator: The MediaPreserve, a division of Preservation Technologies, LP

Each MCR reel is a compilation of nonrelated news stories that occurred over a period of time, ranging from several weeks to several years. In most instances the exact date is unknown.

Because of the technology at the time, some footage contains audio, and some does not.

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