Razorback Marching Band Video Yearbook [2 of 2]
Band Director - W. Dale Warren
Drum Majors - Scott Howard, Matt Pratt

Running time: 02:03:10
Film stock: JVC
Aspect ratio: 3:2
Frame rate: 29.97fps
Anamorphic: No
Sound field: - Linear

Transfer comments: Bars and tone at the head of tape, but aligned video and audio levels to program content because bars are non standard; White levels were recorded to tape high and clipped; Video Clipping As Recorded; Program Recorded at a Very High Level; Flagging Visible in Picture;Channel1 Stereo Left; Channel2 Stereo Right; White luminance levels were recorded very high and clipped. Color chroma levels were recorded high to tape.Some portions of video were over exposed so much the picture is washed out.

Originator: The MediaPreserve, a division of Preservation Technologies, LP

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