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Pryor Center transcripts A-Z

Pryor Center Transcripts A-Z

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Interviewee Interviewer Project Date
A Acoach, ArvelMichael Lindsey Arkansas State Police 06/09/2003
Adams, GregoryJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 11/08/2007
Adcox, IlaScott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 03/18/2008
Agee, SarahLindsley Smith Women in the Arkansas General Assembly 06/05/2006
Aldridge, JimDon Wilcock King Biscuit Blues Festival 10/05/2017
Allbright, CharlesMichael Haddigan Arkansas Gazette Project 03/30/2000
Allbright, CharlesJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 05/15/2005
Allen, AmandaCarol Stogsdill Arkansas Democrat Project 08/12/2006
Allen, JimJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 02/01/2007
Allen, NateBob Douglas Arkansas Gazette Project 10/20/2000
Allen, RichardRoy Reed Arkansas Gazette Project 11/12/2000
Alley, GeraldScott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 03/08/2006
Allin, RichardJerol Garrison Arkansas Gazette Project 05/10/2000
Almand, TroyCamille R. Hatcher Northwest Arkansas Oral History Project 01/17/2019
Ammons, EvelynLindsley Smith Women in the Arkansas General Assembly 03/12/2006
Amsden, AnnaScott Lunsford King Biscuit Blues Festival 10/09/2015
Anderson, PhillipJerry McConnell Arkansas Democrat Project 02/27/2007
Anderson, FrankSusan Porter Northwest Arkansas Oral History Project 09/21/2018
Andrews, DavidTeddy Morelock Bumpers College Centennial 10/07/2005
Anthony, SheilaAndrew Dowdle William Jefferson Clinton History Project 07/22/2004
Arnold, GeorgeTim Hackler Arkansas Democrat Project 04/20/2005
Arnold, MorrisScott Lunsford Arkansas Memories Project 08/05/2009
Ashcraft, EdithJudy Cox Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 08/21/2011
Ashford, MevaleneCathryn Lundy Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 03/07/2012
Ashmore, HarryRoy Reed Arkansas Gazette Project 06/20/1992
Askew, MaryTerry Edwards Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 02/07/2012
Atkinson, RichardDiane Blair Diane D. Blair Project 01/09/1993
Aultz, AndrewDiane Blair Diane D. Blair Project 12/02/1992
Austin, VernonCamille R. Hatcher Northwest Arkansas Oral History Project 10/14/2019

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